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Adalian, E - Touching Base with TraumaAdalian, E - Touching Base with Trauma
The fascinating discussion of treating Trauma in homeopathic practice by Elizabeth Adalian.
Price: £14.99
Adams, P - Homeopathy: Good ScienceAdams, P - Homeopathy: Good Science
Homeopathy: Good Science describes the recent science relevant to homeopathy and its most contoversial feature, the potentisation of medicines. The book shows that homeopathy is scientific after all.
Price: £8.50
Ahmad, Dr S - Homoeopathy and Adverse Reactions of Allopathic DrugsAhmad, Dr S - Homoeopathy and Adverse Reactions of Allopathic Drugs
Dr. Ahmad draws on his experience to offer homeopathic antidotes to some allopathic medicines.
Price: £4.00
by Liz Lalor. Solve all your love-woes - the secrets are all here in this delightful book!
Price: £10.50
Bailey, P - Homeopathic PsychologyBailey, P - Homeopathic Psychology
by Philip Bailey. The most common personality types recognized by homeopathic practitioners are brought to life in this new book by an insightful physician and homeopath.
Price: £22.50
Ball, Dr J - Understanding DiseaseBall, Dr J - Understanding Disease
by Dr John Ball. Explains, with a minimum of jargon, how diseases start, what the main symptoms are and how they may affect us.
Price: £10.50
Bellavite, P & Signorini, A - Homeopathy: A Frontier In Medical ScienceBellavite, P & Signorini, A - Homeopathy: A Frontier In Medical Science
by Paolo Bellavite and Andrea Signorini. An intelligent, comprehensive and sophisticated review of the science behind homeopathic medicines and the microdose phenomenon.
Price: £33.00
Bodman, Dr F - Insights into HomoeopathyBodman, Dr F - Insights into Homoeopathy
by Bodman. Detailed clinical studies over a wide range of conditions and remedies, including the use of homoeopathy in psychiatry.
Price: £11.50
Boger, C M - Studies in the Philosophy of HealingBoger, C M - Studies in the Philosophy of Healing
by C M Boger. This work is a compilation of Dr Boger's articles from the 'Recorder' which throw a flood of light on the subtle philosophy of homoeopathy.
Price: £1.50
Borland, D - Homoeopathy in Theory and PracticeBorland, D - Homoeopathy in Theory and Practice
by Douglas Borland. A short account of the theory and practice of homoeopathy.
Price: £1.00
Boulderstone, J - Living With Vitality: The Role of the Life Force in Health and DiseaseBoulderstone, J - Living With Vitality: The Role of the Life Force in Health and Disease
by John Boulderstone. A fascinating, accessible book by the originator of the Bouderstone Technique discussing vitality and how we can find it again in our lives. Clear, well written and printed with many illustrative diagrams.
Price: £7.00
Boyd, Dr H - Introduction to Homoeopathic Medicine (2nd Edition)Boyd, Dr H - Introduction to Homoeopathic Medicine (2nd Edition)
by Boyd. The only formal textbook in the field, written in categories that are familiar to the medical practitioner.
Price: £19.50
Campbell, A - Homeopathy in Perspective: A Critical AppraisalCampbell, A - Homeopathy in Perspective: A Critical Appraisal
by Anthony Campbell. A book for people with questioning minds, by a practitioner with inside knowledge - fascinating!
Price: £22.50
Carlyon, J - Understanding Homoeopathy: Homeopathic UnderstandingCarlyon, J - Understanding Homoeopathy: Homeopathic Understanding
by Julian Carlyon. An intelligent, far-reaching description of the philosophy and approach that lie at the heart of homoeopathy.
Price: £19.50
Castro, M - The Complete Homoeopathy HandbookCastro, M - The Complete Homoeopathy Handbook
by Miranda Castro. "Here at last is the book which enables the lay user in the home to understand the way the homeopath works." Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.
Price: £17.50
Chappell, P - Emotional Healing With HomeopathyChappell, P - Emotional Healing With Homeopathy
by Peter Chappell. Peter Chappell argues that emotional trauma is at the root of many health conditions and can reveal a hidden key to healing. A wonderful and practical guide to helping us find the correct homoeopathic medicine to treat emotional traum
Price: £15.50
Chauhan, D - A Journey Into The Human CoreChauhan, D - A Journey Into The Human Core
by Dinesh Chauhan. A study of the human as parts and whole and the treatment thereof!
Price: £15.50
Clark, H R - The Cure for all DiseasesClark, H R - The Cure for all Diseases
by Hulda Regehr Clark. This utterly wonderful book provides the answers that we all search for.
Price: £15.00
Coulter, C - The Power of VisionCoulter, C - The Power of Vision
A lively inspiring narrative, written for young adults, about the founder of homeopathy, his family life, and his revolutionary discovery of the basic principles of homeopathic medicine—how it works and why.
Price: £17.50
Coulter, C R - Homoeopathic Education: The Unfolding of ExperienceCoulter, C R - Homoeopathic Education: The Unfolding of Experience
by Catherine R Coulter. An overview of all the things a homeopath needs to know!
Price: £38.00

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