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Allen, J H - The Chronic MiasmsAllen, J H - The Chronic Miasms
by J H Allen. An in-depth discussion of the theoretical aspect of the miasms with exhaustive descriptions of the actions of the miasms.
Price: £5.50
Banerjea, Dr  S K - Miasmatic DiagnosisBanerjea, Dr S K - Miasmatic Diagnosis
by Dr Banerjea. Miasmatic comparisons in easy to access tables.
Price: £10.00
Choudhury, H M - Indications of MiasmChoudhury, H M - Indications of Miasm
by H M Choudhury. Explicitly written describing the relationip of miasms with micro-organisms, the correct indication of the particular miasm and differentiation of them. Excellent text!
Price: £5.00
Coulter, H - Aids and Syphilis, the Hidden LinkCoulter, H - Aids and Syphilis, the Hidden Link
by Harris Coulter. A classic text challenging the conventionally held views about what AIDS is.
Price: £7.50
Degroote, Dr F - Notes on Miasm Heredity and Remedy InteractionsDegroote, Dr F - Notes on Miasm Heredity and Remedy Interactions
by Dr Filip Degroote. A fascinating and intelligent discussion of miasms and heredity with a list of relationships between homeopathic and Bach flower remedies.
Price: £18.00
Degroote, Dr F - Notes on Miasm Heredity and Remedy Interactions 2nd EditionDegroote, Dr F - Notes on Miasm Heredity and Remedy Interactions 2nd Edition
by Dr Filip Degroote. This book makes an important contribution to our understanding of miasms and their place in classical homeopathic prescribing.
Price: £20.00
Fraser, P - The Aids MiasmFraser, P - The Aids Miasm
by Peter Fraser. This book will ''enhance the understanding and practice of homoeopathy in the 21st century.'' It explains how disease has developed alongside technological advances and how the new homoeopathic remedies are true pictures of the needs of
Price: £18.00
Hahnemann, S - Chronic Diseases and Theory of MiasmsHahnemann, S - Chronic Diseases and Theory of Miasms
Jain Publisher. An excellent little book which explains the miasms clearly and in a comprehensible style.
Price: £4.50
Hahnemann, S - The Chronic Diseases (Theoretical Part)Hahnemann, S - The Chronic Diseases (Theoretical Part)
by Samual Hahnemann. The famous discussion of chronic diseases with chapters on three of the miasms (Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis) and how they affect cure, written by the founder of homeopathy.
Price: £2.50
Heudens-Mast, H - The Foundations of the Chronic Miasms in the Practice of HomeopathyHeudens-Mast, H - The Foundations of the Chronic Miasms in the Practice of Homeopathy
Henny Heudens-Mast has practiced Classical Homeopathy more than 30 years. Her worldwide reputation as a gifted homeopathic healer is well deserved.
Price: £32.50
Jevtic, M - From Cave to ComputerJevtic, M - From Cave to Computer
This stimulating book describes the origins of the homeopathic miasms through the eyes of social evolution.
Price: £11.50
Klein, L - Miasms and Nosodes: Origins of Disease Volume 1Klein, L - Miasms and Nosodes: Origins of Disease Volume 1
by Louis Klein. Volume one of a fascinating journey through the nosodes exploring how miasms are fundamentally implicated in disease.
Price: £40.00
Mukherji, R K - Syphilis & SycosisMukherji, R K - Syphilis & Sycosis
by R K Mukherji. Fascinating treatment of the two major miasms and their nosodes, plus a chapter on key diseases of these miasms.
Price: £4.50
Nanda, Dr D - Miasms and MindNanda, Dr D - Miasms and Mind
by Dr Dhiraj Nanda. An innovative little book exploring miasms and mental emotional symptoms.
Price: £5.00
Norland, M - Signatures, Miasms, Aids: Spiritual Aspects of HomeopathyNorland, M - Signatures, Miasms, Aids: Spiritual Aspects of Homeopathy
by Misha Norland. Fascinating discussion of new provings of AIDS, and links between signatures and miasms.
Price: £15.50
Ortega, Dr P S - Notes on the MiasmsOrtega, Dr P S - Notes on the Miasms
by Dr Proceso Sanchez Ortega. A painstaking discussion on the Hahnemanian doctrine of miasms, indispensible for anyone who wants to become a true homoeopathic physician.
Price: £9.50
Sankaran, Dr R - The SchemaSankaran, Dr R - The Schema
by Rajan Sankaran. A much more detailed version than the original Schema, including many more sections defining his philosophy on Kingdoms.
Price: £8.50
Saxton, J - Miasms As Practical ToolsSaxton, J - Miasms As Practical Tools
by John Saxton. This book presents the author's personal understanding of how miasmatic theory works in practice for him. Readable and intelligent, it presents the thorny subject of miasms and the various understandings of it.
Price: £15.00
Watson, I - The Homeopathic MiasmsWatson, I - The Homeopathic Miasms
by Ian Watson. In his usual clear style, Ian discusses the miasms and how they are used as an essential tool in our prescribing toolbox.
Price: £9.00
Watson, I - Understanding The MiasmsWatson, I - Understanding The Miasms
by Ian Watson. A recording of his lecture live from Sutton Coldfield, 27th October, 1996.
Price: £28.50

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