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Tumminello, Peter - Psyche and Structure  

Tumminello, Peter - Psyche and Structure

Psyche and Structure
Crystals and minerals in homeopathy

What began as an exploration into the crystal structure of gemstones, has unfurled into a deeper and unexpected insight into all metals, minerals and organic compounds, as they too crystallise. Through researching hundreds of clinical cases and provings Peter Tumminello has arrived at a refined understanding of the implications of crystal structure in modern practice.

This understanding not only assists in prescribing medicines, it provides insights into the unique turn of mind that creates the personality – the nature of the human psyche itself.
‘In their resonant relationship to humanity these structures are psycho-emotional forms, which are the containers of trends of thinking and feeling, the broad brush strokes of the mind which form a recognisable landscape.’

“In this book, Peter Tumminello provides practical solace for the homeopath about a complex process and subject by virtue of his clarity and good writing style. He has initiated an easy-to-follow method and categorisation derived from assessing the crystalline structure and growth of certain minerals and gemstones. And in this way he divides up these homeopathic remedies into various general categories or ‘systems.’

He relates these systems to the human psyche, patient problems and pathology, thus giving a modern practical taxonomy based on crystalline structure.”
Louis Klein FSHom, Vancouver, Canada

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