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Adams, P - Homeopathy: Good Science

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Peter Adams was originally totally sceptical about homeopathy, and in 1978 at a talk about it, he walked out in disgust. But in 1979 he had a smallholding, and a sick cow, and the vet could do nothing. A friend gave him some homeopathic tablets and, just to please her, he gave them to the cow. Next morning the cow was walking in the field grazing and had made a complete recovery. This event in effect changed his life. He gave homeopatic medicines to other animals and to his family and friends. Homeopathy kept working until Peter was convinced not only of its effectiveness but of its amazing power. So he did the professional training and has now treated thousands of people over a period of more than twenty-five years and is the one of the most experienced homeopaths in the area.

He has written several books. The latest is Homeopathy: Good Science which describes the recent science relevant to homeopathy and its most contoversial feature, the potentisation of medicines. The book shows that homeopathy is scientific after all. 
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Product Code 9780956569400
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