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Bachler, K - Earth Radiation

Product code: 9780951415108

In this startling book you will learn for the first time what could be the greatest of all health dangers - radiation from the earth itself.
Here is frightening evidence of the way in which certain spots on the globe's surface can cause illness.  It is arguably one of the most important breakthroughs ever in the origins of learning difficulties, allergies, arthritis and even cancer.
Parents MUST read this book if they care about their child's well-being and future educational performance.
After careful documentation, Kathe Bachler, herself a teacher, studies the  importance of sleeping in a safe place, free of natural radiation.  In over 11,000 cases she was able to show a strong correlation between beds over dangerous radiation and learning difficulties, illness and even cancer.
This book, now a best-seller, started a health revolution in Germany and Austria.  Now, for the first time, it is available to the English-speaking world.
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Product Code 9780951415108
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