Barker, J - The Medicinal Flora Of Britain And Northwestern Europe

Product code: 1-874581-63-0
by Julian Barker. A definitive guide to the medicinal plants of Northwestern Europe. It is an entirely new identification guide that is both user friendly and scientifically rigorous.

This is a unique book in combining accurate and precise botany with the depth of knowledge of a renowned practitioner. There are 130 botanical illustrations, including many originals, to aid with identification. The therapeutic information is based on more than 20 years of clinical experience and provides a wealth of information on the medicinal use of herbs both internally and externally. Precise information on dosage and preparation is given. The medicinal flora is an ideal practical reference for herbalists, students, conservationists, teachers and ecologists as well as amateur botanists and anyone with a passion for plants.

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Product Code 1-874581-63-0
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