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Beauchamp, D - The Link (New 2nd revised edition)

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New revised 2nd edition, with lots of new information, charts and diagrams.

Doris Beauchamp says:

The Digestive system has to nurture the body in order to maintain good health. So what is cooking in your kitchen? Are you suffering from dysbiosis? A connection can certainly be made between every dis-ease and an 'imbalance' in the gut flora.

This book offers a new and unique homeopathic approach to detoxifying the gut flora by using pathogenic causing bacteria in potency - the Bowel Nosodes!

Like the Flower of Life this book links:

Homoeopathy - the 'Gentle Art of Healing' - with Bowel NosodesIridology - the gentle way of checking the Iris for signs of problemsThe chakra system - our energy vortexes, balancing / energising the bodyThe Subtle Bodies - the Aura - integrating colours and vibrationsThe Sarcodes - the hormonal / glandular system - using them as supportThe Tissue Salts - according to Star Signs and their spiritual significance
Quick reference tables are included, identifying which chakra needs addressing and clearing. This system matches the Bowel Nosodes with constitutional remedies of old, as well as incorporating new ones, connecting all of them to the Chakras!

Not to be missed, this is a fascinating way to broaden your prescribing techniques.

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Product Code 9780955551802
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