Bentley, G - Soul and Survival: The Common Human Experience

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Soul & Survival is new and important information for everyone. By understanding its principles, we can understand the fears and motivations that lie at the core of ourselves and others. The principles of Soul & Survival are simple yet insightful.

Human beings are designed to remember danger and reaction. The more frequently a particular danger occurs, the more it is embedded into our unconscious memory. This has been happening since the dawn of time.

Inside your unconscious lie instinctive reactions based on the events of the past. These instinctive reactions surface when you are stressed or tired. Your survival instinct not only creates your basic needs in life, it also makes you unconsciously react and can sometimes keep you locked in a repetitive behaviour cycle. Your survival instinct is behind what makes you attractive to some people as well as attracted by certain types.

After reading Soul & Survival you will be the unique position of being able to understand your unconscious. Finally you will understand why other people behave differently to you, why you feel you have different values and why you relate to some people but not others.

A new and ground-breaking work from Grant Bentley sure to change the way you think about yourself and others. Insightful and informative and leading clearly on from his previous works Appearance and Circumstance and Homeopathic Facial Analysis.

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Product Code 978064649529
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