The First Ever Serpentina Books Blog

After one of those very special conversations with a complete stranger, the time had come to share the joys of running Serpentina Books and all the wonderful people I meet along the way.  This is my inaugural post.

Whilst I’m not the President or even anyone remotely important, I have gathered eighteen years’ worth of bookshop life under my substantial belt.  If I think about even a few of the spectacular people I have met along the way, the events, the excitement about homeopathy and at its heart, the joy of buying and handling and reading the life’s works of incredible homeopath writers, then there is so much to share.  I won’t embarrass anyone by mentioning any names, but if you’re reading this you will know who you are, and that you have added such colour and depth to my working day just by your lovely energy, coming to look at my books and passing the time of day chatting to me.  There is nothing more uplifting than catching the eye of a colleague at a big event and seeing the pleasure of recognition light up their face.  Not to mention the hugs (sadly lacking in this arid Covid time).  I’m a huge hugger.  Thank you, all the huggers out there who have come and hugged me; not least the terribly missed Robert Davidson, who had the best and biggest hug of all.

I will talk about books too, and cards and writers and maybe some special offers along the way.  But what is life if it’s not about the people we interact with, and what those chance encounters do to illuminate and enliven our own days?  The bookshop has been a conduit through which I have touched and been touched by people from all over the world, have made friends and learned to stand my ground.  I would be honoured if you would join me, every so often, on my little blogjourney, exploring the wonderful world around Serpentina Books.

02. March 2021 by louisa1968
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