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Boyd, Dr H - Introduction to Homoeopathic Medicine (2nd Edition)

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by Boyd. The only formal textbook in the field, written in categories that are familiar to the medical practitioner.

In what important ways is homoeopathy different from conventional medicine? What is meant by 'the homoeopathic approach'? What is the homoeopath's concept of chronic disease? How does homoeopathic case- taking differ from conventional case-taking? Which are the remedies you need to know in detail, and how do you prescribe them? This book provides a systematic introduction to the principles of homoeopathic medicine. It shows how the homoeopath's selection of a remedy is based on a process that goes beyond the diagnosis of a particular condition to a perception of the patient as a whole and individual person. The symptom pictures of fifty-five of the most important remedies are then described in detail, offering the reader a sufficient basis on which to introduce them into his or her own practice. Dr Margaret Tyler's valuable 'Study of Kent's Repertory' is given as an Appendix.

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Product Code 906584213
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