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Natural remedies for emerging and resistant viral infections.

Viruses are smart, mutating and becoming resistant to antiviral pharmaceuticals.  Global crises such as SARS and dengue fever spread more quickly than we can develop medicines to fight them, and every season there are new flu strains that challenge the effectiveness of vaccines.

Build your immunity and protect yourself with broad-spectrum herbal treatments.  Stephen Harrod Buhner profiles the plants that have proven most effective in fighting viral infections and provides in-depth instructions for preparing and using formulations to address the most common infections and to strengthen your immunity, safely and naturally.

"In one book after another, Stephen Harrod Buhner has demonstrated new ways of thinking that address the increasing medical dogmatism and uncertainty of our times.  We need a wise interpreter and he has proven himself worthy of that title."  Matthew Wood, MS (Herbal Medicine), Registered Herbalist (American Herbalists Guild)
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Product Code 9781612121604
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