Chappell, P - The Second Simillimum

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In his search for a homeopathic answer to the AIDS pandemic Peter Chappell has developed a method to create remedies that cover the totality of a disease: a Second Simillimum fitting the totality of the disease to complement the First Simillimum that fits the totality of the patient. The results with these PC remedies (as they are called) ... are extraordinary, both in epidemics (e.g. AIDS and malaria) and in chronic diseases (e.g. Parkinsons, MS, diabetes).

Peter Chappell's discovery enormously extends the possibilities in the individual treatment of chronic diseases and provides a gentle, mild and rapid answer to the epidemics that threaten the lives of millions. His work signifies a breakthrough that brings the potential of homeopathic treatment closer to its fulfilment.

Harry van der Zee, MD

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Product Code 80710334
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