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Chauhan, D - A Journey Into The Human Core

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The introduction to this complex and philosophical book reads:

The 'whole' is composed of 'parts'... all of which 'parts' combine together to make up the 'whole' which is greter than the sum of its parts.'

This book arose from Chauhan's need to understand the complete human being, arising from confusion about the prescribing techniques of some homeopaths - some prescriptions were based on pathological symptoms, others on the emotional. Some focused on dreams and others on delusions. Chauhan set off on a journey to understand the nature of the human being and which prescribing techniques would be more appropriate.

What did I ..need to know in order to understand a human being? ... The problem arises when we look at a human being in fragments. If we treat him or her in parts
, would it be just a symptomatic relief and not a cure in the true sense? Therefore, we need to look at [him] as a complete individual considering [his] body, mind and that which is beyond.

Thus begins the Journey Into the Human Core, fascinating and challenging and not a little humorous throughout.

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