De Rosa, Claudia - Homeopathy & Chakras

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"Homeopathy is a dynamic medical art and science. Our remedies act on the physical as well as mental plane. In this book the author melt the homeopathic thinking into the chakra system,. The author gives an introduction to the chakra system (energy, Kundalini and detailed description of each chakra), Vital Force, Suceptibility, miasms, personality types, endocrine system, color energy and healing and places them on this map creating an interesting connection between homeopathic remedies and energy centers.

She explains how to use them creatively, how to balance energy centers, color energy and homeopathy, in theory and in practice. Claudia writes in a simple and clear way and uses pictures and diagrams to make things even more easier and interesting!"

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Product Code 9788131918296
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