Degroote, Dr F - Notes on Miasm Heredity and Remedy Interactions

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by Dr Filip Degroote. A fascinating and intelligent discussion of miasms and heredity with a list of relationships between homeopathic and Bach flower remedies.
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Although the use of nosodal remedies in homeopathic treatment is generally approved, there have been no clear rules for their application so far. In this book, Dr filip Degroote, known by his colleagues for more than ten years on account of his knowledge of the nosodies, explains to us his insights in nosodal therapy, heredity and miasms in a way it has never been taught before. Together with the with the Bach bowel nosodes and a reevaluation of the Bach flower-remedies, this really means an increase of the range of action in homeopathic therapy, especially for cases that became stuck.

Furthermore, for each remedy he describes the confirmatiory muscle-tests, a working method he alredy introduced in his book Physical Examination and Observations in Homeopathy.

Finally, with the deepened relationship between the homeopathic remedies and the extensive enumeration of complementary remedies and remedies that follow well, this publication should be considered as a must in the daily homeopathic practice.

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