Dupree, G - Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production

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In this practical and fascinating manual, the theories and principles of classic homeopathy are specifically tailored to organic livestock production systems. By applying these principles, farmers can have an impact on the health of their animal species that will produce beneficial effects far beyond the patient. Writing for both organic farmers and homeopaths, Dr. Dupree has created a logical, comprehensive and indispensible guide for using homeopathy on sustainable livestock farms, with extensive discussion of the most common maladies and a valuable list of common homeopathic remedies and their specific uses for livestock. Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production will help farmers recognize symptom complexes and take the logical steps to move from patient to remedy, regardless of the species, ailment or type of farm involved.

This book is written for two diverse groups, the homeopaths and the organic farmers - with the intent to bring each group to a comfortable knowledge level so that the two fields are brought together in a logical and comprehensive manner for the benefit of all the livestock under their care.

Specific discussion and natural remedies are included for ailments such as breeding difficulties, colic, digestive system ailments, displaced abomasums, eye problems, gastrointestinal issues, musculoskeletal problems, parasites, prolapses, and respiratory tract conditions. Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production is a hands-on guide that will bring huge benefits for anyone at any level of the industry, whether raising livestock on a large or small scale, for profit or pleasure.

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Product Code 9781601730169
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