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Elmiger, Jean - Rediscovering Real Medicine (2nd Hand)

Product code: 9781862041998

This important book is like no other work on homeopathy ever written.

Where do we turn when neither orthodox nor alternative medicine can provide us with remedies that work?  Back by a wealth of clinical experience, Dr Jean Elmiger believes that neither school of thought is asking the right questions or coming up with the solutions to ill health  In this fascinating account of his lifelong search for a new form of medicine that genuinely heals, Dr Elmiger explains his revolutionary approach and the path that led to its discovery.

Over years of practice, Dr Elmiger became convinced of the progressive destruction of the foundations of good health, such as the prolific inoculation of young children, the use of antibiotics and the effects of shock or trauma, including surgical operations. His search resulted in an entirely new vision of the origins of illness and how to eradicate it using homeopathy in a completely different way (sequential homeopathic therapy).

Rediscovering Real Medicine explains why homeopathy works, why it sometimes does not work, and how it can be made to work wonders.  It offers practical advice for both children and adults and includes many case histories.

DR JEAN ELMIGER is a distinguished doctor in both conventional and homeopathic therapies, and has run his own practice in Lausanne, Switzerland since 1968.

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Product Code 9781862041998
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