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Evans, J - Sea Remedies

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Fully illustrated in colour throughout, this is a sensory materia medica of 24 searemedies, with emphasis on the senses. The author invites us to explore this strangeand mysterious undersea world, enabling us to experience the vital sensation ofmollusc, starfish or lobster. We are taken on a journey through evolution, from thesensory hub of the jellyfish, to understanding coral as an animal with the capacity tochange the weather, to the intricate logarithmic spiral of the nautilus.

It is from the ancient sea creatures that the human senses have evolved; in fact weuse less senses than some sea creatures, which also have a keen awareness ofelectro magnetism and lateral line symmetry. The book traces the evolution of oursenses through the natural, biological and evolutionary history of the marine invertebrates,with appendices on the sensory symptoms of the corresponding remedies.There are individual chapters and appendices of symptoms for the Senses ofHearing, Smell and Taste, Touch and Vision.

Each materia medica chapter begins with a summary of the remedy and its keyelements, and then opens out to a wider examination of the sensations, functionsand polarities of the remedy in every aspect. The layout of the materia medica isguided by the senses. Each materia medica chapter is followed by the natural historyof the remedy; the uses of the source material in other medicines; homeopathiccases (where available) and the folklore, mythology, symbol and signature surroundingthe source substance.

Much of the materia medica is new. Authors and proving co-ordinators have willinglyshared their cases and provings, and much of the material is previously unpublishedand unavailable elsewhere.

The photographs are spectacular, making the book a joy to read and use. As onereviewer put it: the beautiful design and pictures bring you, like a dive, face to facewith the colourful sea realm and its remedies.

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Product Code 9789076189239
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