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This flower essence manual covers definition and history of flower essences as a therapeutic modality. It includes sections on energy research, vibrational plant studies, clinical cases, mind-body relationship,holistic views, health care, beneficial effect, preparation, and selection. Flower Essence Repertory is a must-have resource handbook for both home and professional use. It is a tremendous help to the student striving to fully understand and identify the purposes of flowers in bringing about balance and healing. Flower essence practitioners will turn to it in finalizing essence selections in formulating flower blends/therapies for their clients.

Three-quarters of the book's pages is arranged in two indexes. The first index lists the "soul issues," organizing the various elements a person desires to eliminate (addictions, aging, insomnia, nervousness, etc.) or enhance (patience, courage, open heart, protection, etc.) within their beings. Essences addressing these issues are suggested for each "soul issue" with a brief annotation. In the second index individual flowers are categorized alphabetically. Positive-qualities / patterns-of-imbalance that the individual essences replenish/repair respectively are given for each flower. In most cases a full page is dedicated to each flower.

Directors of "The Flower Essence Society," the authors, Richard A. Katz, and Patricia A. Kaminski, are respected professionals in the field of flower essence therapies. Katz and Kaminski are a husband and wife team that have traveled extensively, giving seminars throughout the world on flower essence therapy. Katz, a psychology major, went on to study programs in the fields of herbology, plant science, and meditation. Kaminski helped design and major in the first Women's Studies Program. She has studied widely in the fields of plant science, healing, and teaching.

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Product Code 9780963130686
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