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Fraser, P - Birds: Seeking the Freedom of the Skies

Product code: 9781874581215
by Peter Fraser. Information about forty different birds remedies from the avian realm, not available anywhere else! An insightful addition to his Transformation series.

Seeking the Freedom of the Sky: The Bird Remedieshave rapidly become a significant part of practice. Thegeneral picture of the Bird Remedy may be relativelyclear but the differences between the different speciescan be subtle and hard to pin down precisely.This book brings together information on forty differentremedies, much of it not readily available elsewhere.It gives a general outline of the features important tobirds and how these features are expressed in the BirdRemedies. It then looks at the individual remedies anddetails the way that particular issues are important inone remedy and less so in others. It also looks at theemerging relationships between bird families and suchthings as the relationship between predator and prey.

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Product Code 9781874581215
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