Fuller, M - Beyond the Veil of Delusions (Vol 1)

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Time doesn’t heal, understanding does. The purpose for writing this book was to bring more understanding into the unconscious patterns that keep us all in bondage. These patterns were studied by using homeopathic information to determine how different people perceive their reality. Once the patterns became clear, everything became predictable and logical, but the logic in this book is nothing like what you will find in a normal psychology book. In addition to revealing our unconscious patterns, the book wouldn’t be complete unless it also touched upon what we can do to free ourselves from the bondage or our heritage.

This book is therefore more than just a book about homeopathy or psychology; it is a tool for our own personal expansion. As the understanding of our personal life journeys grow deeper, our newfound awareness can help us find ways to leave our stuckness and misery behind so we can, eventually, discover how to live our lives in simplicity, freedom and joy.
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Product Code 9780615144054
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