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Griffith, C - The Companion To Homeopathy: The Practitioner's Guide (PB)

Product code: 9781906787714

The Companion To Homoeopathy is an essential reference tool for every practising homoeopath. It is an expose of how a homoeopath thinks; it is about illness and disease but also about health and cures, achieved with painstaking work and flashes of insight.

The essential reference for both practising homoeopaths and students of homoeopathy, as well as for anyone interested in the discipline and its aims to heal and promote good health.

Homoeopathy is an extraordinarily powerful system of healthcare because of its ability to treat people on all three levels – body, mind and spirit. While orthodox medicine treats the physical body, there are frequently mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that might inhibit a patient’s recovery. Homoeopathy treats the whole person, taking into account their personal history, environmental factors both current and historical, and their hereditary propensity to be vulnerable to particular illnesses or conditions.

This comprehensive guide answers many of the questions raised by patients, with examples and case histories. It addresses many controversial issues including immunization and the use of mind-altering drugs, and even encompasses the role of the spirit, consciousness and karma.

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Product Code 9781906787714
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