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Griffith, C - The Practical Handbook of Homoeopathy

Product code: 1842931911
by Colin Griffith. This new publication from Colin details the How, When, Why and Which of Home Prescribing.

Trustworthy, comprehensive and user-friendly advice for the practical application of homoeopathy at home

Colin Griffith's comprehensive yet accessible book provides authoritative information on the subject of home prescribing. It explains how homoeopathic remedies work, which treatments to use for particular ailments, and when professional advice must be sought.

The first part of this Handbook answers the most frequently asked questions about homoeopathic treatment. The second part is divided into 27 sections, each covering a different aspect of health. These chapters cover a wide range of topics, starting with Accident and Emergency, and then suggested remedial action for problems with every aspect of corporal and emotional health, with back-up suggestions and referral to other therapies where necessary. You will also find sections on pregnancy, coping with difficult children, travelling abroad and the importance of diet and nutrition. The third part of the book lists 50 of the most commonly needed remedies for acute conditions - remedies that can easily and safely be stored in the house. With information on diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure, this is an invaluable addition to every home.

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Product Code 1842931911
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