Hale, T - Medications and Mothers' Milk

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I have used Thomas W. Hale's book Medications and Mothers' Milk for years. It is the only book I need when discussing medication that can and those that should not be used while breast feeding. Sure, you can look the information up, but that is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This book, on the other hand, is very easy to use. All drugs are listed alphabetically for quick and easy reference.

And this book only includes information that pertains to breast feeding so you don't have to wade through a lot of other information to get to what you are looking for. The Lactation Risk Category is included for all medications. I also like the way that Hale discusses the extent of research that has been done on any given drug with regard to breast feeding. In some cases the book states that not enough research has been done for a particular drug and therefore, should only be used if absolutely necessary. The text is written in "almost" lay terminology. I would expect it to be useful for those with or without medical backgrounds.

As a pediatrician, I keep this book right by my telephone in my office so that as questions come up I can get a quick and reliable answer. I highly recommend this book for clinicians in obstetrics, pediatrics, and family medicine. And yes, I also highly recommend this book for nursing mothers.

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Product Code 9780982337998
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