Hoffer, A & Prousky, J - Naturopathic Nutrition

Product code: 9781897025154
by Abram Hoffer and Jonathan Prousky. A guide to nutrient-rich food and nutritional supplements for optimum health.

From two leading authorities in naturopathic clinical nutrition comes this consumer-health and patient-care book, diagnosing the dangers of our modern low-fibre and high-carbohydrate diet, while prescribing an optimum diet of nutrient-rich food and supplements for better health. The authors identify the nutritional deficiencies and dependencies caused by our 'junk-food' diet that lead to malnutrition and other serious dietary diseases and disorders. They recommend a diet that is whole, alive, fresh, and varied, rather than processed, dead, stale, and monotonous. For individuals with nutrient deficiencies and dependencies, they recommend appropriate vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, and amino acid therapy.The book features a 12-step program for developing an individualised diet and a 30-page analysis of the nutrient content of common foods. This collaboration between Dr Abram Hoffer (MD) and Dr Jonathan Prousky (ND) offers a unique complementary and alternative approach to good nutrition.

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Product Code 9781897025154
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