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Hogeland, A & Schriebman, J - The Trituration Handbook

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by Anneke Hogeland and Judy Schriebman. A clear and detailed study of the trituration process, including the new C4 method and how new potencies are made.

The first publication of its kind - a practical and clear guide to the process of trituration as well as an introductory text to the trituration movement which is taking the homeopathic world by storm. This 'C4 Homeopathy' is a based on hand triturating remedies and triturating to additional higher rounds before making potencies. With examples from homeopaths around the world.

"This is an important book. It is important not so much for the information it contains but rather for the direction it indicates: the direction home, home towards a knowledge which is ours, yet has been forgotten...The process of trituration, so clearly laid out in this book, is a doorway to the study of what might constitute this much needed direct experience; this living relationship between the practitioner and the remedy, in which the reality of the remedy is experienced within, not only as a mental concept."- Jonathan Shore, M.D

When I do triturations I experience an inward turning movement. Every trituration sharpens all our senses and we become more attuned, to ourselves and to others. Triturations deepen our ability to enter into an anamnesis freely and openly. Anamnesis is not just a passive listening to someones story. In order to understand the deeper message you need to enter into a mutual process with the patient. From triturations you learn to let go of separation issues; I versus you, good versus bad, self versus other. You then enter into the same energetic field with your patient, where everything belongs equally and where everything has value."- Alize Timmerman

"Many of our older provings are unreliable or are partial, so it is very useful to do a trituration of a well-known substance and take this to C4 or beyond to come to a much deeper understanding of a substance."- Susan LaCroix

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