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Around 11% of Australian children aged between 6 to 17 years are diagnosed with ADHD — an astounding fact to most parents. In the search for answers, Challenging Children: Success with homeopathy is a drug-free guide to treatment and offers hope and inspiration to everyone working and living with children.

The author Linlee Jordan uses the term Challenging Children because it implies that the child has positive attributes just waiting to be accessed, rather than seeing the child as a checklist of negative behaviours leading to a diagnosis. Rather than giving lengthy explanations of each diagnosis, the book is involved with the problems which affect the family: the kicking, screaming, night waking or “I hate myself.” In the words of Dr. Isaac Golden “It is an outcomes book and clearly shows parents and others what is possible in difficult and sometimes desperate situations.” Parents will get the best outcome from treatment if they have an understanding of the stages of treatment and their expectations are based on real cases.

The book is clearly laid out for mums and dads who have limited reading time and is delightfully illustrated with kids drawings. There are a lot of jumping off points and the book can be started at the section on Tantrums or Poor Concentration. Parents can also quickly locate a homeopath in their area using the directory at the back of the book.

Parents and teachers will enjoy the book as an introduction, however practitioners will read about the different methodologies successfully employed around Australia with great interest ─ split dose, 50 millesimals and descending potencies.

Linlee writes with a background as a Registered Nurse, a Masters Degree in Health Science Education and Diplomas in Homeopathy and Nutrition. She was lecturer for Homeopathic Clinical Studies and Head of Homeopathy at Nature Care College in Sydney for 10 years and is now Director of the Aurum Project for homeopathic research. Her articles have been published in many journals and magazines.

Challenging Children: Success with homeopathy, received a Special Mention in the 2007 NSW Writers Centre Book Prize Competition and has been widely appreciated by the homeopathic community. An important function of the book is to showcase the work of homeopaths around Australia and interesting cases are included from homeopaths in Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, South Australia and Sydney. Linlee encourages this national perspective because it promotes an understanding of the widespread acceptance of homeopathy.

The book was written with the creative direction of Linda Beaver who has taught and published widely. Linda and Linlee first collaborated in 1998 to present Paediatric Seminars in New South Wales and West Australia. Linda has collaborated more recently with Linlee on a number of writing projects culminating in Challenging Children: Success with Homeopathy. Linda practices in Sydney’s inner west and as an educator in homeopathy she particularly enjoys supervising individual students in their clinical training and mentoring developing writers of homeopathy articles.
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