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Koehler, G - The Handbook of Homeopathy: Its Principles and Practice (2nd Hand)

Product code: 9780892813452
Second hand: Very good condition.

This lucid and comprehensive guidebook to homeopathy is based on lectures given by the author to medical students at Freiburg University in Germany. Directed primarily to the therapist, it is also an excellent introduction for all those with an interest in homeopathic medicine.  Within its covers you will find answers to questions frequently raised about homeopathy:
  • What is the role of homeopathy within the overall practice of medicine?
  • How does the homeopathic pra titioner evaluate symptoms?
  • What are the long and short routes to diagnosing an illness and deciding upon the proper remedy?
  • How does the practitioner determine the appropriate potency and dosage of a remedy?
  • What are the disease types (local, skin, emotional, psychosomatic, neurotic) and how are they treated?
This difinitive reference also includes materia on Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases and a full discussion of Hahnemann's Organon.  An extensive bibliography covers much of the German and English literature as well as some major French works.
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Product Code 9780892813452
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