Kramer, E - A Practical Guide to Methods of Homeopathic Prescribing

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by Ellen Kramer. A clear and simple set of guidelins for the clinical application of multi-method homeopathy which is a refreshing antidote to tired and old 'one right way' thinking. It provides a springboard to deeper study of methodologies and is a mu

I'm delighted that Ellen's book is finally published! It provides a clear and extremely useful set of guidelines that will make your homeopathic practice crystal clear. Chapters include:

  • The basic tools of homeopathy
  • Case-taking and the use of time-lines
  • Methods - introduction to the general concepts
  • Whole-patient methods
  • Part-patient methods
  • Methods, ethics, diagnostic tools and practical homeopathy
  • A personal perspective

Within the whole-patient and part-patient sections are a range of sub-chapters on different methodologies, such as the sequential, isopathic, tautopathic and detox therapeutic methods, amongst others.

This really is an essential text!

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Product Code 9780955555206
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