Lessell, Dr C - The World Travellers' Manual of Homoeopathy

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by Dr Colin B Lessell. This book goes far beyond the normal therapeutic hints in so many of the books for lay people. THIS BOOK IS - SADLY - OUT OF PRINT.
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Among the subjects of this book are the nervousness of travellers, travel sickness, problems in flight, travellers' spine, constipation, diarrhoea and a special section for women which includes advice for the pregnant traveller. Information about sun, heat, cold, high altitudes, bites and stings, limbs, viruses, bacteria, worms, injuries and emergencies are all perhaps to be expected in a book of this type. But the detail concerning prevention and cure of so many spectacular diseases like Sprue, Typhus, Malaria and other infamous bacteria and viruses, is very very comprehensive. It is the quality of the information which impresses so much!

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Product Code 0-85207-330-5
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