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Mangialavori, M & Zwemke, H - Bitten in the Soul: Experiences with Spider Remedies in Homoeopathic M

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by Massimo Mangialavori and Hans Zwemke. A fascinating journey through the spider remedies, including case studies and observations.
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Few animals engender in humans the degree of disgust or irritational fear that spiders do. It seems astonishing and absurd that neither size nor the danger of spiders, apart from some rare tropical species, justify the degree of anxiety and panic that the spider causes. The old term "hysteria" is an appropriate term for this state. The human reaction suggests the spiders' specialial psychologiecal significance, which is her real danger!

Most homoeopathic observations of the spiders refer to one frequently used spider: tarentual hispanica. It was introduced into homoeopathy by Nunez with some serious misunderstandings, which indeed proved to be extremely fruitful! They document that a clinically successful remedy-picture can contain elements and observations which do not find their origin in a proving conducted on healthy people alone, but also come from cultural history.

The origin of the Tarantism lies in Graeca magna which is ancient Greece including South-Italy. Its symbolism comes to us from Greek mythology, especially in the fates of Io, Arachne and Erigone. It is a mixture of old, pagan rites of initiation and later elements of a Catholic-Christian exorcism.

The basic themes of the Tarantism are found in the details of homoeopathic cases of Tarentula hispanica and other spiders, found within these pages.

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