Martin, C - Herbal Remedies from the Wild

Product code: 9780881504859
by Corinne Martin. For the practical of you, this book shows you how to find and use medicinal herbs.

Anyone interested in herbs and in learning more about how to use them to enhance health will find this book enjoyable and useful. Corinne Martin gives complete descriptions of 52 medicinal herbs common to North America, each one illustrated by a line drawing to aid in identification. For each species she provides details on its appearance, where it is found, how to harvest and prepare it, and the recommended dosage for specific ailments, including cautions about conditions that might preclude the use of the herb. Also included are instructions for making teas, tinctures, salves, and syrups, as well as notes from the author's journal on her own experiences in harvesting and using each herb.

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Product Code 9780881504859
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