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by Vinton McCabe. An excellent, approachable and very usable new guide to the homeopathic cell salt remedies.

In The Healing Echo: Discovering Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies, author Vinton McCabe writes: "The cell salts are to classical homeopathy what a crock pot is to a microwave. The healing that they inspire is gentle and steady, if a little bit slow. But when efficacu and safety are desired in medical treatment, the small group of homeopathic remedies known as the cell salts should always be considered."

Homeopathic cell salts are part of the therapeutic system called "biochemical medicine," a term coined by German physicial W H Scheussler in the later part of the nineteenth centrury. An offshoot of homeopathic thought, biochemical medicine involves the concept of treating nutritional deficiencies through the use of low-potency homeopathic medicines, each of which naturally occur as chemical compounds in the human body. The result is an utterly safe, highly effective form of treatment.

In The Healing Echo, Vinton McCabe clarifies Scheussler's methods and his medical philosophy in a manner that is clear, concise, and fully engaging. With this exploration of the cell salts, McCabe offers readers a method by which they may learn the fundamentals of this simplified form of homeopathic treatment. Further, he offers a comprehensive look at the cell salt remedies themselves, their uses in the treatment of specific conditions, and the manner in which they may become a part of a daily nutritional program in the home.

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Product Code 9781591200734
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