Mills, S - The Essential Book of Herbal Medicine

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In The Essential Book of Herbal Medicine Simon Mills brings the old and the new in medicine closer together, to strengthen both for the patient's sake. He says Much of what is in this book is felt and understood by everyone. It is a matter of rediscovering each patient's story.

The herbal approach is becoming ever more popular not so much as an alternative therapy as out of a recognition that good health stems from something basically very simple - helping the body help itself. To do that, we must address the patterns of our inner disharmony and not treat merely its symptoms.


  • Key herbs: what they can heal
  • Recognizing herbs and ensuring their quality and safety
  • Safety factors
  • Understanding how plants act as remedies
  • The commonplace magic of health
  • Priorities and options in treating chronic disease
  • An index of symptoms
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Product Code 014019309X
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