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Earl Mindell is one of the world's leading nutrition experts. In this, his updated version of the Vitamin Bible is all the information you need to live healthier, better, longer and to give you new ways to boost your energy levels, fertility and sex life.

New antiaging vitamins and supplements.
keep your skin and body healthy and look younger.

Personalise your diet.
It can fit your lifestyle, even your job.

Healing regimens for heart patients, diabetics, arthritis sufferers.

The natural alternatives to: Hormone Replacement Therapy, Viagra, Prozac

with further sections on how to recognise dangerous drug interations and 'miracle cures,' how to maximise the effectiveness of your vitamins and supplements by taking them in the right combinations. With new chapters that focus on Women's health, how to boost the immune system, weight control and cancer prevention.

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Product Code 0285637398
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