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Morrish, M - Medicine Flows

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Medicine Flows: Homoeopathic Philosophy discusses all of the major themes of homoeopathic philosophy from Mo's understanding with reference to the Masters. Most notable of these is Samuel Hahnemann; his Organon of the Medical Art and The Chronic Diseases.

Through his discussion Mo encourages the reader to 'make their own experience' and decide, after all that has been written over hundreds of years, precisely what the philosophy of homoeopathy means to them.

The book is arranged in five parts; The World, The Human, Disease, The Homoeopath, The Medicines.

Each chapter, where applicable, contains summary 'Notes' and signposts the reader to further 'Resources' they may like to consider.

The foreword is by Ian Watson.

Who is it for?Primarily, Medicine Flows: Homoeopathic Philosophy has been written for the homoeopathic student where Philosophy and Principles are key building blocks for their future understanding of homoeopathic practice.

It is not intended to be a 'one stop shop', or a comprehensive overview of everything that has ever been written. What it is is a concise and thought provoking book which will prove to be invaluable to student and teachers alike.

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Product Code 9780955266201
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