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Murphy, Robin - Tautopathic Remedies

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Spiral Bound Seminar Notes

Please note, the cover is yellow and a bit fuzzy....

Despite its rather rough and ready appearance, this set of notes is a complete gem and contains a goldmine of amazing information.  The range of remedies consists of:

  • Biological remedies
  • Chemical remedies
  • Environmental remedies
  • Ayurvedic remedies
  • Sarcodes remedies
  • Allergen remedies
  • Isopathically or homeopathically
  • Prevention or Protection
  • Antidotes or Antitoxins
  • Palliative or Curative
  • Likes cures Likes
  • Poisons cures Poisons
  • Diseases cures Diseases
  • Drugs cures Drugs
  • Toxins cures Toxins
  • Viruses cures Viruses
  • Bacterias cures Bacterias
  • Energies cures Energies

Printed in double-column pages with Robin's own notes written alongside, this text is full of essential information, just like all the rest of his publications!

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