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Naish, F & Roberts, J - Healthy Mother, Better Breastfeeding

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This amazing pair have helped thousands of couples to have happy, healthy babies with their guides to natural conception, pregnancy and birth and bonding. Now they provide all the answers to successful breastfeeding using their tried-and-true natural methods, including:

  • Where it all begins - trusting your maternal instincts
  • Why 'breast is best' for baby and you
  • Better breastfeeding practices, including successful attachment and positioning
  • How to improve your milk supply
  • Lifestyle, exercise and nutrition tips for better breastfeeding
  • Natural remedies for common problems: cracked nipples, mastitis, blocked ducts, colic, reflux, food allergies, biting
  • To wean or not to wean
  • Contraception during breastfeeding
  • An invaluable resources list, and much, much more.....
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Product Code 0-7171-3281-1
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