Nanda, Dr D - Miasms and Mind

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by Dr Dhiraj Nanda. An innovative little book exploring miasms and mental emotional symptoms.

From birth to death the man exists in different states of health. Disease is nothing but a different state of existence of the same human being. During the diseased state, a patient experiences changes represented as symptoms of mind (behavior) and body (physical suffering). These changes depend upon the miasmatic predominance. If one has the understanding of miasms then one can understand the improvement or deterioration in patient with cent percent surety.This book describes history of discovery of miasms by Dr. Hahnemann, application of miasms in todays world, miasms at the level of mind as an adaptive behavior in adverse circumstances and expressions that help one to recognize the dominating miasms at the level of mind by the practitioner. The contents of the book are listed below:

  • Prologue
  • Two zeros from Dr Hahnemann
  • What went wrong
  • Introduction to Miasms
  • Causa-causorum
  • Discovery of miasms
  • Diathesis, disposition, miasm
  • The three miasms
  • Omnipresence of miasms
  • Observing miasms at the level of mind
  • Miasms and life
  • Are chronic diseases adaptations
  • Journey of life and disease
  • Miasms and symptompathophysiology
  • Mind and psora
  • The expressions of psoric mind
  • Mind and Sycosis
  • The expressions of the sycotic mind
  • Mind and syphilis
  • The expressions of the syphilitic mind
  • Epilogue
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