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Narayan-Singh - Messages From The Body

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by Narayan-Singh. An astoundingly insightful reference about how the body physically manifests its mental / emotional states.
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Messages from the body, physical manifestations of the soul's 'scarring' point to what needs to be tracked and modified in our emotional / cognitive / behavioural / evaluational / spiritual system. Symptoms and syndromes (clusters of syndromes) express what we are unconscious of and what we are 'shoving into our shadow' - that part of us to where things that were (are) not acceptable to us and /or to those around us are relegated, especially during the intensely impressional childhood period, where at the beginning in particular, we tend to put god's face on the parents and other significant caretakers and relationships. What the symptoms and syndromes often represent then is a devolution of a 'shadow-shoving' process in which we are refusing to integrate our qualities or needs into our consciousness and lives due to severely repressive and / or suppressive reactions to these aspects of our nature when we were children.

In this wonderful book, Narayan-Singh explores the multifarious physical symptoms and what they tell us about our emotional states. For example


'Freaked out intake' They are in the grips of a generalized fear and dread and of a deep distrust of the process of the Universe. There is a great resistance to change and newness, and they hate life's unpredictability, uncertainty and requirements. They have a tremendout underlying self-rejection generated by a frighteningly dysfunctional and shame-inducing family.

And so much more! Open at random and it shows you uncanny accuracy. Consult with purpose, and even the most complex cases can be understoon. A truly remarkable book!

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Product Code 0973527307
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