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Balch, P & Balch, J - Prescription for Nutritional HealingBalch, P & Balch, J - Prescription for Nutritional Healing
by Phyllis A Balch & James F Balch. The no 1 guide to holistic health, incorporating the most recent information on the benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements and herbal remedies and their effects on hundreds of disorders and diseases. New 5th edition.
Price: £20.00
Balch, P - Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing: A-Z GuideBalch, P - Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing: A-Z Guide
by Phyllis A Balch. The A-Z supplement is a handy, pocket-size format authoritative information about some 350 of the most important dietary supplements available today.
Price: £6.50
Blackwood, A L - The Food Tract, its Ailments & Diseases of the PeritoneumBlackwood, A L - The Food Tract, its Ailments & Diseases of the Peritoneum
by A L Blackwood. A useful book outlining the major organs in the digestive tract, its pathology and treatment.
Price: £5.00
d'Adamo, Dr P - Eat Right 4 Your Typed'Adamo, Dr P - Eat Right 4 Your Type
by Dr Peter J D'Adamo. A revolutionary individualised diet solution to staying healthy, living longer and achieving your ideal weight by blood-typing.
Price: £7.50
Hoffer, A & Prousky, J - Naturopathic NutritionHoffer, A & Prousky, J - Naturopathic Nutrition
by Abram Hoffer and Jonathan Prousky. A guide to nutrient-rich food and nutritional supplements for optimum health.
Price: £13.50
Holford, P - New Optimum Nutrition BibleHolford, P - New Optimum Nutrition Bible
by Patrick Holford. A clear and effective way of feeding your body for optimum health.
Price: £12.50
Holford, P - Optimum Nutrition Before, During & After PregnancyHolford, P - Optimum Nutrition Before, During & After Pregnancy
by Patrick Holford. Optimum Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy is the ideal nutritional plan for healthy pregnancy.
Price: £9.50
Mindell, E - New Vitamin BibleMindell, E - New Vitamin Bible
by Earl Mindell. A new updated edition of this famous book on vitamins, completely revised and expanded. Everything you need to know about vitamins, natural therapies and supplements.
Price: £10.50
Murphy, R - Superfood Wellness GuideMurphy, R - Superfood Wellness Guide
COMING SOON! Superfoods from around the world to supplement and transform your practice!
Price: £50.00
Santwani, Dr M T - Practical Diet Guide in HomoeopathySantwani, Dr M T - Practical Diet Guide in Homoeopathy
by Dr M T Santwani. Unusual and useful text detailing foods to be temporarily avoided during homoeopathic treatment.
Price: £1.50
Sonnenschmidt, R - Blood - Fluid Consciousness.Sonnenschmidt, R - Blood - Fluid Consciousness.
by Rosina Sonnenschmidt. The first volume concerns the blood. Expressions like "blood revenge" and "blood sacrifice" illustrate the extreme aspects connected with this topic. Rosina Sonnenschmidt explores the various blood parameters and blood groups in detail and reflects on their significance.
Price: £23.50
Wolcott, W - The Metabolic Typing DietWolcott, W - The Metabolic Typing Diet
by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey. Recommended by eminent nutritionists, The Metaboc Typing Diet will enable you to manage your diet for great health and amazing energy.
Price: £9.50

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