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Odent, M - Primal Health

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Michel Odent, the leading pioneer for natural childbirth, indicates that the period between conception and a child's first birthday is critical to life-long health. In this prophetic book he argues that different parts of the 'primal adaptive system' develop, regulate and adjust themselves during foetal life and the time around birth and infancy. 'Everything which happens during this period of dependence on the mother has an influence on this basic state of health, this primal health.' He suggests that the later well-being of adults, their ability to withstand the 'diseases of civilization' such as hypertension, cancer, alcoholism and failures of the immune system resulting in Aids, allergies and viral diseases, can all be traced back to society's ignorance of the importance of the primal period.

This book is essential reading for all who care about the health of our children and the ongoing health of society as a whole.

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Product Code 1-902636-33-3
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