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Olsen, S - Arbor Medica Volume I

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by Steven Olsen ND DHSNP. The first of two beautiful materia medica of trees.

Abies canadenis
Acer cercinatum
Agathis australis
Alnus rubra
Arbutus menziesii

Tree Provings with Cured CasesMateria Medica SummaryRemedy ComparisonsRepertory Additions.

These provings are tested (cured cases for each remedy) and many of the symptoms have been graded. The mental emotional profile of each one has been worked out. Foreward by George Guess M.D.

". . . .Many of the remedies here included will, I believe, prove valuable and frequently indicated homeopathic medicines. Dr. Olsen is an exceptional proving conductor; I believe his proving model is exemplary. His approach is well-grounded; there's no flight of fancy here, such as not infrequently taints some recent provings. The metholology is solid and reproducible. . . ." -from the Foreword by George Guess, MD.

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Product Code OLSEN1
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