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New Hope for Treating Defiance and Aggression
Where can parents turn for help with their children who act out, defy them unreasonably, fly into rages, or explode with violent and destructive tantrums? Normal parenting is hard enough, but having to raise a rageaholic child can be beyond the call of duty. Homeopathy, though not a panacea, offers a viable solution for handling these emotional and behavioral problems that is safe, natural, and highly effective. Homeopathy has the potential to cure children of these distressing states of mind and behavior. Given sufficient time to act and careful attention by an experienced practitioner to medicine selection, dosage, and frequency of medication, homeopathy will produce positive changes in most children. In reviewing our cases, we estimate a 70 percent success rate in children who receive two years of consistent treatment. A significant positive shift often occurs within four to six weeks after taking the medicine, but a minimum of two years of treatment is needed to assure that the improvements are maintained over time. 

How Can Homeopathy Help My Child? 
Although homeopathy may not work for every child, the majority of our patients have become much less aggressive and violent, considerably nicer, much more compliant, and easier to live with after treatment. They are more capable of dealing with stressful situations, frustration, or simply being told no without losing it and becoming angry, oppositional, aggressive, violent, or destructive. Many children become significantly less reactive and more willing to listen to explanations of what parents want them to do. The ADHD characteristics of distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity become much more manageable (see our book Ritalin-Free Kids). Physical fighting with parents, siblings, schoolmates, and friends becomes considerably less frequent. Incidents at school become rare events rather than everyday occurrences. Destruction of property becomes accidental rather than deliberate. Children often develop a greater sense of right and wrong and act as though they now have a conscience that guides their actions, so lying, stealing, and hurting others are considerably diminished. 

Does it sound to good to be true? Read the cases in this book, summarized and quoted from our chart notes, and judge for yourself. The stories are presented here just as they were told to us. The results of the homeopathic medicine, good and bad, are there to see. Only the names and other identifying features have been changed. Granted, these are our best cases, some of which seem miraculous, but the results are real. Other cases, not in the book, have been more challenging and the results less astounding. Unfortunately, there are some children whom, try as we might, we cannot help. With others, though the change is not as immediate or dramatic as the cases in our book, the parents feel that a significant enough change occurs to warrant continued homeopathic treatment. In some of these cases, a dramatic change may not occur for a year or two, when the correct medicine is finally found. Children treated successfully with homeopathy, though not without the ups and downs that occur for every child, can truly be called rage-free kids. Their parents, family members, teachers, and friends can finally go back to living a more normal life.
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