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Russell, L - Menopause, A Heroine's Journey

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New third edition of this wonderful handbook by Lynne Russell explores the oft neglected subject of the Menopause.  In it she covers the physiology of this most important time in a woman's life, how symptoms can manifest and the options women have to deal with its more challenging symptoms.  This handbook is perfect for the practitioner, as it provides a homeopathic and herbal therapeutic, but also clearly discusses the allopathic treatments available.  Written clearly, and presented with helpful treatment suggestions, this handbook is as easily accessible for the professional as it is for general womankind.

Contents Page:

Index Page

Introduction and Overview 4

Part One – The Journey 6

A Heroine’s Journey 6

The Seven Stages of a Heroine’s Journey through Menopause 7

Stage One – The Call 7

Common Symptoms 8

The Call to Stay Whole 9

Stage Two – Initial Resistance 9

HRT – Mocking Ourselves with Falsehood 11

Stage Three – Helpers, Guides & Instruments of Power 12

Homeopathy - a medicine of transition 12

The Practitioner’s Process 15

Stage Four - The Brink – The Point of No Return 15

Stage Five - Stepping into a New World – Transition 16

Stage Six - The Supreme Ordeal 17

Stage Seven - Journey to Ourselves 17

Part Two – Practical Support 18

Homeopathic Therapeutics 18

Dosage for therapeutic support remedies 18

Updating the contextual framework 18

Hot Flushes and Night Sweats 19

Exhaustion/Lack of Energy 20

Sleep Difficulties 20

Anxiety 20

Anger, Irritability, Depression and Mood Changes 21

Poor Memory and Concentration 21

Stiff and Achy Joints 22

Breast Tenderness and Water Retention 22

Hair Loss 22

Period Problems 22

Skin Problems 23

Urinary Symptoms 23

Vaginal Dryness 24

Reduced Libido 24

Herbal Remedies 25

Progesterone Cream 26

General Dietary Advice 27

Supplements 28

Flower Essences 28

Lifestyle and Choices 28

Strategies & Case Management for Practitioners 29

Taking HRT and Wishes to Stop 30

Experiencing Symptoms after Stopping HRT 31

Cannot Take HRT 31

Fibroids 32

A general introduction 32

Useful questions for women to ask 33

Drug treatments 34

What can homeopaths offer? 34

Hysterectomy and Post-Hysterectomy Issues 35

Some general background 35

What kind of hysterectomy? 36

The ‘Just-in-case’ scenario 37

Physical Post-operative Complications 37

Prolapse 38

Convalescence 39

Pre-operative Preparation 40

Hormonal imbalance and the offer of HRT 40

Libido and sexual response 41

Emotional responses 41

In summary 42

Premature Menopause 43

The World We Live In – Hormones Everywhere! 44

Ways of Working – Hypnotherapy and NLP 45

Endings and Beginnings 45

Resources – Books 46

Useful Websites 47

Appendix One – Hormonal Alchemy 48

Appendix Two - More on HRT! 49

Appendix Three - Studies and Trials for Homeopathy at Menopause 52

Appendix Four - Notes on Homeopathic Notation and Terminology 55           
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