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Sankaran, Dr P - Elements of Homoeopathy (2 vols)

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by Dr P Sankaran, edited by his father Rajan Sankaran. A two-volume delight by Dr P Sankaran, son of Rajan, exploring aspects of homoeopathy, including his 'Notes on the Nosodes' and 'Random Notes on some Remedies.'

 Edited by his son Rajan, this is a compilation of Pichian Sankaran's work. Volume 1 has an introduction, a materia medica of general and nosode remedies, new provings and advice on case-taking and repertorization; volume 2 discusses difficulties in practice, the scope of homeopathy and ends with miscellaneous collected writings.

This set in two volumes has been edited by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, the son of Pichian Sankaran. It consists of a major part of materia medica, and includes writings on nosodes, case taking, repertorization, potency, repetition of doses and others.

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Product Code 81-900810-3-9
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