Sankaran, Dr R - The Schema

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by Rajan Sankaran. A much more detailed version than the original Schema, including many more sections defining his philosophy on Kingdoms.
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Many new sections in this new publication of Sankaran's Schema. Chapters include: Kingdom Features and Differentiation, Miasms Flow Chart, Miasms - Keywords, Summary of Miasms, Miasms & Remedies, Difference between the Sensation and the Miasm, Chart of Plant Sensations, Chart of Plant Families & Miasms, Differentiation - Plant Families, Minerals - Understanding the Rows, Minerals - Understanding the Columns, Minerals & Miasms, Periodic Table, Animal Sub-Classification, The Levels of Experience, Steps of Case Taking, Bypassing Levels, Gesure or Word Significance, Say a Little More, Follow-up Criteria, Experience with Doodles

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