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Sharma, Dr Y - Spiritual Bioenergetics of Homoeopathic Materia Medica

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by Yubraj Sharma. The exquisite companion to Volume 1 of the Spiritual Bioenergetics illustrating the remedies in their original visual forms. Full of diagrams illustrating the action of the remedies and full-colour prints, this is truly the book to hav
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Spiritual Bioenergetics of Homoeopathic Materia Medica: volume 1 was an integration of esoteric sciences and other alternative therapy modalities with 151 remedies of the materia medica. This companion volume profiles the same remedies with:

  • art from around the world in Museums or Collections to illustrate key features of the remedy
  • original art to depict the source or action of the remedy in the context of bioenergetic medicine
  • illustrations of the astrological profile described in volume 1
  • illustrations of the oriental medicine described in volume 1
  • pathology diagrams for the Particulars of the remedy
  • illustrations of the craniosacral therapy system
  • explanatory text for all 1263 illustrations
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Product Code 1-904472-01-X
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