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Sharma, Y - Spirit, Earth & Human Evolution

Product code: 9781904472032
A helpful tool for understanding spiritual concepts.

This book is a primer for understanding spiritual concepts and supportive for any inner journey of personal growth and spiritual development. A wide range of topics are covered. These include: enlightenment, nature of the self, genetics, meditation, past and future evolution of the Earth including Lemuria and Atlantis, stages of soul development over its incarnations, nature of the shadow and underworld, karma, reincarnation, nature of the bodies (physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual), dimensions of reality, levels of the interior Earth, chakras, elementals and nature spirits, extraterrestrials, kingdoms of nature, psychological development of the individual over seven year cycles, embryology and genesis. There are 68 illustrations, of which 46 are in colour. The author has extensive experience of teaching these subjects within undergraduate courses in alternative medicine and meditation classes, and of guiding students along their path towards self-realisation.
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Product Code 9781904472032
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