Sonnenschmidt, R - The Digestive Organs - Pathway to the Centre

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A welcome addition to this well-received series, this work offers therapists and lay readers alike a practical and "easily digestible" guide to the key problems of these vital organs and how to solve them.

Our digestive system stretches from the mouth to the anus. In-between, there are numerous processes of transformation, both physical and metaphorical. Stomach and gut problems are often the start of a long journey through chronic disease, because we have lost our connection with the centre of our being. If we want to get a grip on the illnesses of our time, we need to simplify our lives and begin exactly where these illnesses start: in the mouth, with the food we eat, and the digestion and letting go of impressions of every kind.

After the great success of her work Liver and Gallbladder we are pleased to announce Rosina Sonnenschmidt´s new book. In the third volume of the series “Organ – Conflict – Cure,” Rosina Sonnenschmidt describes in detail the individual parts of the digestive tract with its conflicts and its possibilities of healing – from the mouth and gullet through to the small intestine, large intestine, and rectum. This work is another treasure trove of practical tips from the entire field of naturopathy. Together with the meaning of the Chinese system of correspondences, the book also covers germ-layer affiliation, tongue diagnosis, practical exercises on the energy of the solar plexus, and simple instructions on bowel cleansing.

Especially useful is the clear description of the biological conflicts of the digestive organs with their corresponding homeopathic remedies and naturopathic therapies. Such interesting remedies as Cortisonum, Nuphar luteum, Cynodon dactylon, Paeonia, and the bowel nosodes are presented. The illnesses discussed range from caries and gastritis through colitis ulcerosa to oesophageal cancer.

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Product Code 9783941706545
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